Registered Exercise Professional - Level 2

Miss Tatiana is a Registered Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor / Group Exercise Instructor with Fitness Australia.

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Aqua Rehab: Caters for people suffering from MS, Parkinsons or arthritis, and may also be of benefit for those recovering from stroke or with controlled heart conditions. Classes are conducted in waist deep heated water and can also be suitable for wheelchair-bound participants.

Gentle Aqua:  Exercise to music in waist deep heated water. Designed for seniors and is beneficial for those people with blood pressure, arthritis, joint problems or injury rehabilitation.

Seniors Aqua: Design for the move active senior and the next step up from gentle aqua.

P.I.C: For physically and/or intellectually challenged participant. Carer (free entry) required with participant.

Power: A high energy workout for overall fitness and toning guaranteed to increase the heart rate

Combo: Aqua Power class with extra weights for toning

Interval: Combines intervals of high intensity work with resistance work to elevate the heart rate.

Deep Water: Cardiovascular toning work out using the resistance of the water and no impact on the joints. Buoyancy belts are provided. We recommend you wear sunglasses and a hat - as these classes are held outdoors.

Deep Athletic: An intense cardio workout in the water for the advanced Deep Water participant. No weights will be used - all cardio work